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Scooters Motorworks Power Packs

The Power Pack line of Li-Po batteries is designed for 10th scale, 18th scale and monster trucks as well as boats,airplanes and helicopters. With its bottom design the 10th scale Power Pack will fit into the battery trays of most cars for a snug fit. For off-road simply flip the battery over for a snug fit. All 10th scale Power Packs come in a hard case.

Scooters Motorworks offers a wide range of Li-Po batteries all at a great price. We can do that by not spending money on fancy packaging that you will just throw away. Scooters Motorworks is a small family company without a big overhead.We will keep it simple to save you money but offer high quality parts at a great price.

Why use Li-Po batteries?

  • Up to 30% longer run times
  • 40% less weight
  • You can use the same battery for a whole day of racing
  • Storage less complicated that NiMh batteries
  • Longer life
  • All Power Pack batteries come in hard case for your protection
  • Power Pack Batteries come with a balancing plug

For your safety please follow all safety precautions for charging Li-Po batteries. Make sure you only use a charger designed for charging Li-Po batteries. If you are new to LIPO this is a good article about LIPO batteries Click here.

With 30 years in the industry who you gonna trust.

When there's a need for speed call Scooter


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